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Hi, I’m Irina! 

I'm a Spiritual & Intuitive Life and  Business Coach, Energy Activator and Soul Expander for spiritual CEOs who want to have it all.  

Welcome to my virtual world! Let me introduce myself. 

  • I'm originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, and I've been living abroad since I was 14.
  • I speak 6 languages, and I use at least 4 of them in my day-to-day life.
  • I'm married and have 3 kids, who are growing up faster than I want to admit.
  • I have 3 University degrees from 2 different countries (one of them is a PhD in Economic Analysis).
  • I spent over 15 years working in academia, scientific research coordination and fundraising.
  • I love traveling, reading, learning, spending time with friends and horseback riding. I also love to play piano and sing when no one is around.
  • I love tech and systems and I'm good at math.
  • I also love the science of spirituality and anything that people call "woo-woo" or consider paranormal. 
  • I've learned how to read (divination) cards when I was about 7 and I started learning about astrology at around 12. 
  • I'm an INFP, Sagittarius Sun and Rising, a Manifesting Generator and a type 9 on Enneagram profile. Did I tell you I'm obsessed with personality profiles also? Well, you've probably guessed it anyway.

The awakening

I turned my life around soon after my third child was born. One day I just realized that for most of my life I’ve been living for others, fitting into the box that someone else built for me and following the path that thousands have walked before me.

Somehow and somewhere in between motherhood, adulting and career, I lost myself. I had no idea who the person staring at me from the mirror was anymore, what she liked, what she was passionate about.

That day I made a commitment to reclaim myself and my life.

I consider that day my second birthday.

Ascension and Mastery

I did lots of deep soul searching, healing and unlearning. Along the way I got trained and certified as a Life Coach, learned Human Design, studied psychology and quantum physics, and dove into the energetics of quantum manifestation and the evolution of consciousness. 

I also embraced my own spiritual and intuitive gifts as an Energy Activator,  Channeller and Alchemist. Finally, I felt ready to admit to myself and to the world that I'm an intuitive and spiritual person. My unique gift lies in the ability to blend science, spiritual ascension and energetic alignment in a simple and practical way to help people expand into their desired reality effortlessly and with ease.  

My mission is to help spiritual entrepreneurs and lightworkers decode their essence, activate their soul frequency, and quantum leap into the life of limitless abundance, freedom, impact and purpose. 

Business growth is a reflection of our inner expansion.

Most people think their success in business is determined by their mindset and strategy. However, they forget that 

My Tools

Find inner peace and live a more balanced life.

My method for living a more peaceful life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the body and the mind for total balance.

Human Design

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